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What is B|Brooks?

B|Brooks is a consortium of fine florists, offering exquisite floral artistry using seasonal flowers for nationwide delivery and some international. To use a traditional descriptive - we are a wire service and also serve as a clearing house for our member florists. B|Brooks' member florists join us by invitation only. Founder, Barbera Brooks is personally involved in the review of all new florists.

Do you have members everywhere?

We only have members where there is a socioeconomic demographic that supports the types of floristry our member florists and customers expect. For remote or economically depressed areas that do not regularly inventory premium varietals (such as peony, gloriosa lily, succulents, french tulips etc to name a few), we reach out to the larger wire services for assistance in their networks. In these areas we recommend simple fresh low and lush seasonal arrangements. Each order is handled personally and if we cannot get the quality we expect we will not try to fill the order.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes! If a flower delivery order is received by noon in the recipient's location we will do our best to ensure your gift arrives the same day. If the order is received after noon, we will arrange for next day delivery. We cannot always guarantee morning delivery and Sunday delivery is not available.

Can you help me with an International flower delivery?

Yes! But as the economic doldrums in Europe and elsewhere deepens it is getting harder to assure quality international delivery for several reasons. One, there are fewer flower shops and in many places outside metropolitan areas, they have become extinct. Secondly, with the insertion of more regional floral clearing houses, restrictive trade barriers are an unintentional consequence. For example, we had a member in Italy who handled many of our orders in Southern Italy. We received a cease and deist had to stop because he joined an Italian trade group that disallowed him doing business on behalf of folks who were not paying large fees to be part of this group. We can accommodate orders to large cities in industrialized countries.

Are flower arrangements from B|Brooks more expensive?

Yes and No. The difference lies in the types of flowers typically used by B|Brooks florists. What may be unusual to a traditional flower shop is a staple for a B|Brooks member floral designer. Buying premium flowers in volume and often from the grower, helps keep quality high and price low however a vase full of $8/stem flower is likely smaller than one full of filler,mums and other cheap flowers.

Do you get complaints?

Yes - we do get complaints and although we have less than a 1% complaint rate, we appreciate the effort people make TO complain because we like to hear what people are thinking and the opportunity to set things straight that have gone awry. The complaints we receive generally fall into one of two categories: The first being expectations and the other being unquestionably poor quality.

Failed expectations come in many varieties but the most common is a happy recipient sends a poor quality photograph to the sender who misinterprets the ugly photo as crummy flowers. This is a sticky situation when we can interpret the photograph and tell the flowers are lovely, it isn't so easy to replace when the recipient is thrilled so this sort of complaint is challenging. We work through it and try to accommodate the sender.

The second category ranges from a florist or their delivery service having a bad day to flat out fraud. For our membership we have a three-strikes rule which means if we hear multiple complaints about a member florist within a short time period we will terminate their membership. Most complaints result from us having to go outside our network.

What about refunds? ?

If you are unhappy with the arrangement or the flowers “die” as sometimes can happen, please call us within 24 hours of receipt so we can organize a pick-up and refund or a re-delivery. Sometimes, especially around holidays, growers will hold back flowers for months, especially roses from the other hemisphere, and so long as the flowers are refrigerated, they look great and will hold until they rot – but once out in a livable temperature, the roses ‘go down’ very quickly. Same thing with peonies… They look great at 40° but at 68° or higher, they start shattering – blowing all their petals, not just one or 2, but 20 at a time! Please let us know in a timely fashion so the florist can also get reimbursed by the grower.

What is your privacy policy?

Read more about our privacy policy here

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