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Who are we?

We are a consortium of the world's finest florists. To use a traditional descriptive, if somewhat inelegant term, we are a wire service. The majority of our business is florist-to-florist, or B2B wherein we provide the backend order processing and clearing-house functions for florists to transmit orders to one another on behalf of their own clients. Since we are an online company, we also provide an array of other web based solutions to our members. What makes us different from the larger wire services is that we are a niche business residing in the upper-middle to premium end. Our member florists are carefully selected and categorized from submitted photographs and references. Our goal is to maintain groups of likeminded florists who share a similar clientele and can meet aesthetic and quality expectations with very little direction.

Who are our members?

We serve all different types of businesses from retail shops to event studios who can only deliver a certain number of days a week or even need 24 hour notice. Our system is very flexible to meet the event demands of our member florists for example, if you have an event and cannot do any deliveries for a period of time or even if your shop is seasonal and closed for certain months of the year, our platform can disable you from receiving orders during these requested times.

How does it work?

We have 2 levels of membership based on your wire-out averages. While our contract with our member florists is casual, our members expectations are very professional. For example, if we hear repeated complaints of inferior quality or behavior we are not handicapped by some formal process of disengagement. Instead, it is handled with a phone call followed by a confirmation email. Our goal is to maintain a quality membership for the benefit of all the members. Some of the larger wire services have dropped their quality standards in order to have enough florists to fill orders from order gatherers, among other reasons. We do not have order gatherers in our membership because we strongly believe the integrity of flowers and floral gifts needs to be maintained otherwise consumers will substitute other gift categories for flowers. We, meaning the wire service and its members, need to be both dependable and accountable to our customers.

How is the quality maintained?

We are small, and thus there is constant activity and consistent communication between our members. This frequency quickly exposes a deterioration of quality and service to everyone in other words we hear about stuff pretty quickly and welcome all complaints. We also believe this ongoing peer-to-peer review process wherein members are constantly transacting business with one another spotlights any inconsistencies. If you believe your business would be a good match with our member florists or you are interested in any of our other products we would love to hear from you even if you are not sure, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email us or give us a call. Send along your contact information so we can send you a detailed overview. And no we do not have any application fees, selection guides or any nickel and dime charges for multiple city or zip code listings.

Can I find out more about your eCommerce Solution?

We enable your gorgeous web site to engage in e-commerce, meaning we provide a secure page to encrypt your customers personal and credit card information so it cannot be viewed over the internet when they are ordering from you. This functionality enables your customer to transmit all the necessary information you need to process an order so you do not have to call them for a credit card number, etc. To learn more about our eCommerce solution please email us at

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SEASONAL FEED Member florists Greg Campbell and Erick New, co-owners of Garden District (Memphis, TN), have grown a business of floral abundance and artistry one relationship at a time. Their stunning new book Florists to the Field is one of this floral design team’s most ambitious endeavors to date and a worthwhile testimony to their work—avant-garde resourcefulness that employs flowers to complement settings, mirror emotions, and enrich lives. Click here to order.

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b|brooks fine flowers is an exclusive, nationwide network of florists specializing in fresh & seasonal flowers arranged with exquisite artistry. When you order from b|brooks one of exclusive floral designers creates a unique flower arrangement, potted plant or gourmet basket just for you and delivers it anywhere in the USA and Canada.
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