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    Windswept Perfection

    Windswept Perfection

    A mass of windswept olive branches blowing over approx 20 stems of cut, Oncidium orchid. By L'Olivier (NYC) $200 as shown but delivered in a handsome utilitarian (aka affordable) vase.



      I love ceramics but I am not well versed in them so i can't tell you what these containers are. I do know that I have not seen anything like these on the market. I assume Olivier bought these at a gallery or an estate sale. I believe if a container is valuable, either monetarily or historically, best not to send out of the blue as a gift for many reasons: Deserved appreciation would be a result of the recipient's personal style. What if the recipient only likes Staffordshire! Also, they should not be thrown away in the landfill since they are worthy of preserving. At least take them to a resale store. FYI - when it comes to containers, we can accommodate just about anything. We can facilitate your shipping your own. you can choose from our collection, and we can also shop for you which takes time, appropriate budget and your input on style. Please email or call us 415-674-5599.

      I am at a loss for words by the perfection of this photo. Breathless too. The photo abounds with palpable quiet and movement at the same time. It's reflective of the great artist that Olivier Guigni is. I have always loved this arrangement and inspired to do my own interpretation of it.

      Here is our delivery policy: We ALWAYS organize delivery with the recipient to avoid your gift being blown over, stolen or succumb to all manner of heresy. UNLESS you give us "Permission to Leave" or we know the building to have a doorman or full time staff OR it is a Hallmark Holiday we won't call first.

      Same day delivery is typically available until 12 pm in the recipient's timezone. Most of our member florists are closed on Sundays though in some cases we may be able to accommodate special deliveries if we receive the order in advance. Orders placed past 12 pm in the recipient's time zone or for Sunday delivery may be delivered the next business day though we will make every attempt to accommodate your first choice delivery date. That said, once all of the pieces of the gift 'in view' for assembly, the filling florist will organize delivery by calling or texting the recipient at the number you provide us with. If, after 2 or 3 days neither you nor us have heard anything,we will call you unless you tell us otherwise.

      Straightforward in situation, beyond imaginable explanation or comprehension if some florist sent out dead flowers or opposite color or style of what you wanted. While worthy of an inquiry at the very least, the latter can be tricky - sometimes your friend LOVES the gift even though you despise it. We step in these situations to accommodate fairness. This brings to mind the time a customer ordered a fluffy low and lush arrangement of seasonal garden flowers going to TX. It was 100 in Dallas with high humidity. Garden flowers don't have a chance in that climate unless the house AC is set at 60. Who's to know so the florist sent a tall chunky vase with a bold Monstera leaf and long stem of green Dendrobium orchid. Upon receiving a photo in a gushing thank you text, the sender insisted a re-delivery. When the florist called to organize a switch, the poor recipient almost started to cry. She loved the Monstera and Dendrobium and knew it would last 2-3 weeks! Eventually the sender backed down but she wasn't happy. This whole world of gift giving is the best of times, but can be the worst of times. My opinion is, if the gift sent is in good taste, reflective of the occasion and the recipients taste, you are in great shape and there is nothing like receiving a great gift of flowers.


    As shown large arrangement suitable for reception table or Baby-Grand @$350.00. Lushly arranged in the modern style of layered
    Created by (TX)Approximately 8 dozen red roses perfectly mounded in a container covered by 6" cinnamon sticks perfectly aligned, twice tied with red twine