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    White Buttons. As shown,

    White Buttons. As shown,

    White button carns, mums, or climbing roses casually arranged in 3 or more clear glass jars. Other delightful white stems may be substituted to achieve a similar look.


      Each vaseful is $25 assuming no specialty or vintage containers. You will have the opportunity to indicate how many vases you want to send in the checkout process "Special Instructions" - we will 'check' your math but for ease: $145 for 5 and $195 for 7. There is an extra $20 for packaging, card, delivery administration, etc.

      Why is it true that 2’s company, 3’s a charm and more is merrier?

      Multiple vasefuls of flowers did not become champs obligatoires for weddings and events until sometime after our beloved long, narrow farm tables became the go-to seating for such affairs. In the early 90’s, designers tried to tablescape with one long stretched-out narrow arrangement and maybe 2 smaller ones flanking the centerpiece. Ughhh. Looked more like a funeral piece than a celebratory standard!

      Soon, the notion of scattering vases of the same or mixing sizes up and down the narrow landscape of glassware and candles became commonplace decor. Even for round tables, groups of vases of complimentary shapes, festooned with coordinating flowers invaded the traditional round as well.

      Well, it surely has not hit the gift market in any meaningful way so when developing content for this site did it occur to me that we may as well just go for it. a collection of smaller vases is practical and unexpected! Here’s how to order it - go to our category, "Three's a Charm" and browse through the sample styles. Select one and during the edit process, please input any preferences or questions in the "special Instructions" box. Or if you have the time, email us before placing the order

      If the occasion allows, allocate your large budget tabletop gift over more than one vase or bud vase. I hope you get lots of ideas from our examples in 'Three's A Charm'. Even though the overall gift presentation is sizable, the smaller vases are so much easier for your recipients to carry; they don’t have to call the moving company to dispose of the flowers after their prime! Remember?... a gallon of water weighs a little over 8 lbs so an arrangement that size is an awkward 12-20 lbs .

      To ensure, upon receipt, that the recipient isn’t disheartened by a small handful of skimpy vases, they are packaged by local florists in a 6-8” florists’ box festooned with tissue, or similar.

      What a grand surprise to uncover 2 or more vessels in the gift. It's the gift that keeps on giving because the vases are so awesome to have on hand since all of us can poke a stem in a vase but not many of us can make good use of a chopped cylinder. Hope that makes sense. We'll be going live with a vase collection once we get this up.

      You can multiply with plants and bulb flowers too. Years ago, when my first book, Fine Flowers by Phone (Atlantic 1989) was released I was the lucky recipient of gorgeous gifts from many of the florists who were listed in the book. I will never forget the gift from the late Larry Green(NY) He sent me 3 aged terra-cotta pots each one full of paper whites. SO tasteful, exciting, fragrant and fun. I felt appreciated and, my accomplishment, celebrated. High on love.

      Once you adopt the “2-or-more’s -better-than-one” then your biggest decision is if you want a minimal look or a blousy one or a weedy one. My decision is driven by the recipient.

      All the same vase style with assorted flowers or conversely all the same flowers in a mixed collection of complimentary vases? If your recipient has allergies, don’t send “weeds.” The weeds are trending now for flower lovers like me, innovators or millennials. More traditional blousy roses, peonies and lilies are your best bet for now. We'll start showing wonderful "Weeds" when we can assure delivery. Probably Spring 2020 Colored vintage glass with white flowers is très sophistiqué and a keepsake. Unless the local shops have a source for vintage glass, it can take a few weeks to drop ship similar vases to our florist.

      Same day delivery is typically available until 12 pm in the recipient's timezone. Most of our member florists are closed on Sundays though in some cases we may be able to accommodate special deliveries if we receive the order in advance. Orders placed past 12 pm in the recipient's time zone or for Sunday delivery may be delivered the next business day though we will make every attempt to accommodate your first choice delivery date.

      Since we are dealing with a perishable product and since most everyone has a smart phone, our return policy requires a photo accompanied by either order #, or sender’s last name or recipient’s last name (for order identification). Please email to or text/call 888-346-3356 within 24 hours of delivery.

      Expedited returns are usually a result of dead flowers, unfulfilled requests so judged within reason, or straight-up missed-delivery with no adequate explanation. These circumstances usually result in immediate cancellation & credit in our system. Please bear in mind, that sometimes the cash settlement is delayed by your bank’s or credit card policy.

      In our experience, florists do not intentionally send out dead flowers, but wholesalers and growers are known to skirt the limits. They know if their hydrangeas haven’t hardened, or other their roses have been in the fridge for too long, then after they are in room temperature, the flowers will “go down” aka, be dead by bed time. Other scenarios include cold wind: orchid blooms wilt, poinsettia leaves curl then crisp up.

      Dehydration and/or extreme heat can cause temperate flowers to wilt. If this is the case it is easily remedied by adding water to the vase.

      All vases should be topped up upon receipt. Spring bulb flowers drink like crazy so their containers should be filled up almost every day. Every 3 days, remove 'old flowers', re-cut the stems and change out the old water for fresh. These few steps can add days to your flowers!


    Created by Blumenkoch (Berlin). 
As shown, $350

 </P><BR>Spherical, lush all white and green arrangement using white roses, large campanula, alstromeria, Moon flower (hard to believe and impossible to get here) phenomenal Queen Anne's Lace, green hydrangea and other assorted small accent flowers and greens.  Substitutions will be made for the  &  alstro to white Iris, freesia, Casa Crystal to name a few.<\P><BR>You can raise or lower the price by inserting your preferred price in the box below. And,  later in the checkout process you can provide preferences in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box below the card text space. We will make the adjustments to the arrangement accordingly.   See Price Guide for more.<\P><BR>
    In a clear glass footed vase, a beautiful mounding of white stock and white hydrangea sits on a collar of salal or similar greenery accented with bush ivy or seeded eucalyptus.
    by Fiore (Pensacola) </P><BR> </P><BR>
A large 28" tall footed vase expression appropriate for tasteful sympathy or traditional wedding...service or celebration.  Lush full arranngement with white flowers such as hydrangea, roses, lilies (ask forCrystal Blanca for less fragrance)  delphinium and assorted greens:  Eucalyptus, ruscus, olive, etc. </P><BR>You can raise or lower the price by inserting your preferred price in the box below. And,  later in the checkout process you can provide preferences in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box below the card text space. We will make the adjustments to the arrangement accordingly.   See Price Guide for more.</P><BR>