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    Want to have a party?

    Want to have a party?

    by, BBrooks Minimum bid for this floriferous display is $2500 ...see Details. assorted arrangements for a special occasion ...or weekly! Approximately 70 white roses mounded in lush pave; a doz or so white roses vased in a bed of magnolia; a vased topiary of white hydrangea...leaf wrap on outside of cylinder vase; 30-45 (depending on size) white peony; and 3 smaller vases of white and green flowers: kermit mums, cabbage, and green hydrangea. Wooden containers are limited can be special ordered.

    You can raise or lower the price by inserting your preferred price in the box below. And, later in the checkout process you can provide preferences in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box below the card text space. We will make the adjustments to the arrangement accordingly. See Price Guide for more.


      Parties start at $500. This collection is $2500. Whether the flowers are local or have to be shipped in affects price and time frame. This geographical impact is particularly apparent in European sourced flowers - the same flower shipped to Washington state is more expensive than the ones shipped to Philadelphia.

      Seasonality is also a factor. Point being that depending on your flexibility regards substitutions (e.g. Long stem roses are less expensive than off-season peonies) will influence the price.

      The market is fluid and terribly inefficient such that i can't make sense of it. So, for these arrangements, make a list of your 3 favorites flowers and color choices - or we can make suggestions.

      Minimum bid is $2500 but your final price will fluctuate up or down, depending on the prices of the flowers you settle upon, the provenance of those that are available and your delivery expectations.

      Same day delivery is not available on the weekend and varies on Mondays.

      Call sales support for more info.

      Not applicable since this can be approved in situ, if need.


    In a clear glass footed vase beautiful white blooms are lushly arranged with a few very pale pink roses and a few green viburnum.  The majority of the floral varietals include white roses, hydrangea, lisianthus, mini dendrobium orchids and frilly tulips. As shown by member florist Evantine (PA).
    In a leaf-lined low cylinder, a lush arrangement of grays, whites and greens. White roses, lilac and coffee-berry sit pretty with grey and green foliages, textures and succulents. Substitutions of similar high-end product may be necessary.  As shown by Tesoro Flowers (CA).
    Traditional low & lush arrangement of hydrangea, roses accented with touches of white Hypericum (coffee-berry). As shown, approximately 22" round and 8" tall - great for a large square or round dining table. As shown by member florist Lilium (TX)