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    White Hydrangeas & Stock. As shown,

    White Hydrangeas & Stock. As shown,

    In a clear glass footed vase, a beautiful mounding of white stock and white hydrangea sits on and about a collar of salal or similar greenery accented with bush ivy or seeded eucalyptus.


      A small bedside or occasional table in a 4" square is approximately $70-85. I don't recommend the overly fragrant breed of stock for any centerpiece but a size appropriate for a small dining table would be around $115. Bedside for $85.

      Created a while ago by Fiore (NC)

      The Fiore team masterfully imbued this traditional style with a stalwart importance that makes it the perfect gift for any professional or serious occasion. It is an excellent value for how appropriate it is, diplomatically, and on an affordable budget too.. Outside of occasions aforementioned, even though this is not FTD-ness, it reflects the ubiquitous middle of the road for the past 20 years in major metro areas, ...

      Beware, this is not the design you want to send to anyone who presents as hip or fashionable. Instead, 'white hydrangea & stock' is a fallback style where brilliant talent may exist but does not offer to deliver dailies. Appropriate for weddings & funerals too but not if, 'going to the house'. Send something smaller. Good rule of thumb, is the bigger the house, the smaller and simpler the bouquet should a little silver julep cup of white freesia, Lily of the Valley and a dollop of green, around $250 and with notice"

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      Since we are dealing with a perishable product and since most everyone has a smart phone, our return policy requires a photo accompanied by either order #, or sender’s last name or recipient’s last name (for order identification). Please email to or text/call 888-346-3356 within 24 hours of delivery.

      Expedited returns are usually a result of dead flowers, unfulfilled requests so judged within reason, or straight-up missed-delivery with no adequate explanation. These circumstances usually result in immediate cancellation & credit in our system. Please bear in mind, that sometimes the cash settlement is delayed by your bank’s or credit card policy.

      In our experience, florists do not intentionally send out dead flowers, but wholesalers and growers are known to skirt the limits. They know if their hydrangeas haven’t hardened, or other their roses have been in the fridge for too long, then after they are in room temperature, the flowers will “go down” aka, be dead by bed time. Other scenarios include cold wind: orchid blooms wilt, poinsettia leaves curl then crisp up.

      Dehydration and/or extreme heat can cause temperate flowers to wilt. If this is the case it is easily remedied by adding water to the vase.

      All vases should be topped up upon receipt. Spring bulb flowers drink like crazy so their containers should be filled up almost every day. Every 3 days, remove 'old flowers', re-cut the stems and change out the old water for fresh. These few steps can add days to your flowers!


    In a rustic wooden crate or quality basket, filled with premium white flowers for a casual fun look. As shown here with lots of white roses, delphinium, anemones, and ranunculus accented with olive branches and other craggy greenery. Seasonal substitutions may be necessary.
    by Fiore (Pensacola) </P><BR> </P><BR>
A large 28" tall footed vase expression appropriate for tasteful sympathy or traditional wedding...service or celebration.  Lush full arranngement with white flowers such as hydrangea, roses, lilies (ask forCrystal Blanca for less fragrance)  delphinium and assorted greens:  Eucalyptus, ruscus, olive, etc. </P><BR>You can raise or lower the price by inserting your preferred price in the box below. And,  later in the checkout process you can provide preferences in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box below the card text space. We will make the adjustments to the arrangement accordingly.   See Price Guide for more.</P><BR>
    by, Bouquets (CO)
Approximately 40 stems White Dendrobium orchids in traditional ginger jar vase. <br>You can raise or lower the price by inserting your preferred price in the box below.<br>